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"nice night for it"

Hi all! Inspired by solitaryrose002's great post, I've decided to stop lurking also! ^_^.

My name's Christina (heh, sounds like some sort of AA meeting intro) and I'm really really glad to have found a "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" comm. "Priscilla" is pretty much my absolute favourite cheer-up film ... it's just so fun, and hilarious, and colourful, and camp ... but with real feeling too. The acting never stops impressing me - those are three class acts. I have a bit of a thing for Australia - I really really want to visit there and am planning to go next year if money permits, and a lot of my favourite actors and films are Australian - "Muriel's Wedding" is another favourite of mine.

I love the soundtrack too, I can't count the number of times someone I don't know that well has knocked on my door for some reason (like when the college presidential candidate people were canvassing o_O) when I've been listening to the OST, and it's decided to embarrass me by blasting out "GO WEEEEEEST!" very loudly in the background. Heh.

My fave character is Felicia even though it's a very close call - she just cracks me up, every scene - but the others are amazing too. Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce are great no matter what they're in (incidentally am also a big Tick/Adam shipper!! squeee!), and I'm always amazed at Terence Stamp's performance because he actually is effectively playing a woman, and just does it so damn well, both sensitive and with perfect comic timing.

Anyway, I'll stop blathering now! Nice to meet you all!! :D

P.S. I don't want to be annoying but do other people see a very bright yellow background with "Click Here" repeated all over it on this comm? I was just wondering incase it was my temperamental browser that wasn't letting me see a background picture, or if that's what everyone sees?
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