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01:38am 17/06/2005
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Hi! New... 
08:37pm 16/06/2005
  I'm new to the community...
Big fan of Priscilla... first saw it at 3 AM with a PG-edited rating, and ever since searched for the DVD (which is fairly difficult to find in Texas without my parents finding out...) until I finally found it, bought it, loved it, etc. Favorite is Adam, but the others are so damn lovable as well. Absolutely love Tick/Adam slash... yeah, that's me.

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The eagle has landed 
03:07pm 13/06/2005
mood: ecstatic
In the bag in front of me, is a copy of Priscilla Queen of the desert on R2 DVD!

Words cannot describe how amazing it truly is. A two disc DVD Special edition with:

*making of documentary
*begind the scenes footage
*deleted scenes
and a bloody soundtrack compilation!

for £14.99 from WH Smiths, this truly is an absolute steal. I recommend that you UK fans who don't have it on DVD go an get it now! I shall be watching it tonight and sighing in complete contentment.

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09:40pm 06/06/2005
mood: happy
I watched Priscilla for the first time in a film studies lesson when we were studying the male and female gaze of all things!

I am waiting in absolute agony for the re-release of it on DVD here in the UK after looking everywhere. June 13th roll on please!

Anyway, my name's Louise and I'm 19 years old and about to go to Uni to study English. Feel free to check out my LJ


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09:41pm 09/05/2005

single icon because I feel I might as well! Not to mention I love the line "Get down with that crucifix, someone needs to wood."

if anyone can stand it, feel free to use it!!


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11:36pm 17/04/2005
mood: curious
Hey all - Big fan of Priscilla here. Tainted early on in life (saw it for the first time when it forst came out - I was nine)

Right now I'm looking for a title of a song. It's the one played during the end of scene 24 and the beginning of scene 25 on the DVD.

I'm sure the song is a classic, but it's driving me nuts! It's not on the soundtrack, and I love the song!

Anyone else here have issues watching matrix and Lord of the rings? I could stop myself pictureing agent smith/elrond in a green sequined dress...

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"nice night for it" 
06:23pm 12/04/2005
mood: restless
Hi all! Inspired by solitaryrose002's great post, I've decided to stop lurking also! ^_^.

My name's Christina (heh, sounds like some sort of AA meeting intro) and I'm really really glad to have found a "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" comm. "Priscilla" is pretty much my absolute favourite cheer-up film ... it's just so fun, and hilarious, and colourful, and camp ... but with real feeling too. The acting never stops impressing me - those are three class acts. I have a bit of a thing for Australia - I really really want to visit there and am planning to go next year if money permits, and a lot of my favourite actors and films are Australian - "Muriel's Wedding" is another favourite of mine.

I love the soundtrack too, I can't count the number of times someone I don't know that well has knocked on my door for some reason (like when the college presidential candidate people were canvassing o_O) when I've been listening to the OST, and it's decided to embarrass me by blasting out "GO WEEEEEEST!" very loudly in the background. Heh.

My fave character is Felicia even though it's a very close call - she just cracks me up, every scene - but the others are amazing too. Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce are great no matter what they're in (incidentally am also a big Tick/Adam shipper!! squeee!), and I'm always amazed at Terence Stamp's performance because he actually is effectively playing a woman, and just does it so damn well, both sensitive and with perfect comic timing.

Anyway, I'll stop blathering now! Nice to meet you all!! :D

P.S. I don't want to be annoying but do other people see a very bright yellow background with "Click Here" repeated all over it on this comm? I was just wondering incase it was my temperamental browser that wasn't letting me see a background picture, or if that's what everyone sees?

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New to the community but not to the Queen 
10:36pm 09/04/2005
mood: sleepy
I felt the need to find a Priscilla community, so here you are and here I am! <3 I'm Sarah, turning 16 this summer, and I've been a Priscilla fan for *years*. (And every time I watch Hugo Weaving - that amazingly talented man - no matter what it is I have to say one of his lines in some spot.) My favourite character is Felicia, but I do love the rest.

Well, I guess that's it... Any comments and questions are very very welcome! Thank goodness there's a community like this one! Oh, and I do have three Priscilla icons I've made. They aren't the best in the world since all I have to work with is the standard Paint program, but oh well. <3


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11:50pm 04/04/2005
mood: bored
If anybody's interested, I have a bunch of Priscilla icons that I've made on my icon journal.


Ladies and gentlemen... 
12:15am 08/02/2005
mood: nostalgic
I just thought I'd start some chatter in the community.

So let's just remind everyone of their favourite line in the film. Sure I'll go first.

Felicia: Oh, for goodness sakes, get down off that crucifix. Someone needs the wood.


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01:00am 10/12/2004
  hi i'm doing the gushing squealing fan thing!
I love pricilla queen of the desert. Seriously can't get enough. I hope this site picks up a bit, but then i guess there is so much you can talk about a movie.
This movie was what made me apreciate Hugo Weaving as an actor. He can play a variety of roles - which is fantastic. There is great talent in Australia when it comes to the arts.
I have forced so many people to watch this movie, and some have liked it, some have definately hated it and i have never been able to live it down since...
:) i love being ribbed about this movie.
Anyhow probably should considering going to bed it is 1am after all.

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01:29pm 06/11/2004
  hey all

my names alana and im 17...(18 in 2 months :) ) i thought id do the token newbie thing...i live in townsville...in the heat of north queensland...

add me and ill add back... :)


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"Pretty, In a Hideous Sort of a Way" 
02:15am 27/08/2004
mood: tired
I just thought I'd break the silence around here with posting links to my Priscilla Fics.

Important note: I'm got this over-arching fic Idea for something called "Priscilla Rides Again" a fic-sequal to the movie, and most of these incorperate ideas for that, and thus have spoilers for it.


Title: A Tender Moment
Fandom: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Rating: R, but only for language.
Warning: Mature themes, including implied violence and homosexuality.
AN: This fic is dedicated with respect and admiration to billietallent, she knows why.

Title: A Special Game
Fandom: Priscilla
Characters: Tick/Adam
Genre: Angst/Slash
Rating: R for language, implied violence, and oh yeah, men having (not-very-explicit) sexual contact. This is your only warning!!
Synopsis: Adam takes a bath.

Title: Looking For The Right Man
Fandom: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Characters: Tick, Bernice
Rating: PG 13 for Language
Setting: After Priscilla, and both my other fics.
Synopsis: Tick and Bernice discuss Adam and Tick's love life, or lack thereof.

Title: At Last
Fandom: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Characters: Tick/Adam
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Synopsis: After having reconciled their feelings for one another, following the funeral of their friend Bernice, Tick and Adam admire the scenery of a certain canyon again.
WARNING: This fic deals with theme of homosexuality and includes the playful exchange of epithets related to sexual orientation. If you are likely to be offended by either, stay away.

Read & Review, please!

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08:47pm 26/08/2004
  um, helloooo?

anyone there?

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